One of the things I have learned more about from living in Santa Fe is something called chili. If I was in Virginia, people would think chili was “Chili Con Carne” or a stew with beans, meat, and ground red chili powder. Not in Santa Fe. Chili is the type of pepper that you like to have on your entrĂ©e. The two types you choose from are either Red or Green Chili and you can find chili at every restaurant in Santa Fe. I have had green chili in croissants, pizza, enchiladas, burgers, french fries, burritos, stews and bagels to name a few. I am partial to green, but others praise red chili. If you can't decide between red or green chili, you can tell the server that you would like Christmas. That means you want both red and green chili in your meal. Green chili is in season and many people buy the roasted green chili by the car load from vendors at the Farmer's Market and freeze them so that they have the chili all year round. I hope to bring some Green Chili back home to Richmond so that others can enjoy my new favorite fruit.

Here is a little surprise update.  I got two of my wisdom teeth out yesterday.  I started to feel pain in my left mouth, ear, and lymph nodes last Mon or Tues.  I was hoping that it would go away, but the pain got worse.  I finally decided that I needed to see a dentist in Santa Fe, instead of waiting until I was back in Richmond.  I went yesterday and they wanted to take out all four wisdom teeth.  Since I am by myself in Santa Fe, I decided to just get the two wisdom teeth that were bothering me out (My parents also really wanted me to just get two teeth extracted instead of four).  I am at home this week recovering from the surgery and from the infection that had occurred in my mouth.

I am very thankful that the company I am working for allowed me to take off until Sat.  I have been entertaining my time with sleep and watching television, specifically Top Chef, The Office, and documentaries.  It has been hard staying home since the weather has been beautiful here, but it is all good.

Furthermore, I will be home in about two weeks (Wed-Mon during Thanksgiving).  I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family.

That is my update. 

Here are a few pictures of the snow that fell a week ago.  Even though it snowed a week or so ago, today's weather was in the high 60's.