This past weekend I went on a small adventure into the backcountry of Wrangell. One of my friends asked my roommate and me if we wanted to hike to a cabin Friday. It was already two in the afternoon, so we decided to take on the adventure even though it was late in the day. We packed as quickly as possible and left for our little adventure with a few other guides. We got a driver who had 4 wheel drive to get us as far as he could on the mountain. We also had a second car parked so that we would have a ride off the mountain. We began the hike with snowshoes on and it was awesome! I had never gone snowshoeing before and it was a blast. We hiked about three miles uphill to the cabin. It was challenging, but fantastic all at the same time! It was snowing during the hike, which made the hike even more beautiful.

The log cabin was so beautiful!!!! It had an amazing stove that warmed the entire, two floor cabin up. The cabin already had fire wood so we stayed nice and toasty while in the cabin. After arriving, the rest of the evening was dedicated to good food and hanging with good people.
When we awoke the next morning, we could not have asked for more beautiful weather. The skies reminded me of Santa Fe skies. The skies were deep, deep blue. We went off exploring to a ridge that was near our cabin and saw beautiful views of Etolin Island and the surrounding area. It was awesome!
After our little adventure on the ridge, we headed back to cabin to clean up. We hiked back down to the car and the views hiking down were amazing too! We saw everything from snow capped mountains to beautiful, open waters. Enjoy the pictures of our little adventure.

The Cozy Cabin

I fell thru the snow with my snowshoe on.  Laughing at myself trying to get out.

Group Shot

Another one...
The ferry is an amazing way to see Southeast Alaska.  I took the ferry from Wrangell to Juneau, Alaska. The price of the ferry ticket is fairly inexpensive.  On the boat that we took, there was a bar and a restaurant to enjoy, but we brought our own food since the food is a little more pricey on the boat.  Some people on the ferry rented out cabins, while we slept in the recliner lounge.  We were going to sleep outside on the top deck, but the ferry had so little people on it that we were able to sleep inside the boat.   The ferry ride that I took actually took the long way to Juneau, which was nice.  We went from Wrangell to Petersburg, to Kake, to Sitka, and finally to Juneau.  The boat went through The Tongass Narrows, which was very beautiful with its mountains and rainforests.  It snowed and rained most of the way there, which had its own beauty to it.  Below I posted a map of the journey. 

Overall, it has been a busy month of February. I am glad that it is finally slowing down. I got back from my ocean expedition a week ago and it was epic. We had some of the most mild, beautiful weather one could ask for. We canoed about 10-15 miles a day going from one island to the next. The islands were magical and fairy tale like because of the vastness of the rainforest. Southeast Alaska is one of the most beautiful places I seen so far. I cannot wait to continue to explore it.

On Wednesday I will be taking the ferry to go explore Juneau. The ferry ride to Juneau takes over 24 hours, which I hear is a beautiful ride. I can’t wait!

The Group Photo

Beautiful weather, Beautiful scenery, Great people...