Oh Santa Fe, how I miss thee....

I have now left Santa Fe, NM and drove to the beautiful state of Wyoming. I am sitting right now in a coffee shop called Coal Creek in Laramie, WY. The reason why I drove here is because I am here visiting a friend who works at Solid Rock Outdoor Ministry. Laramie is a quaint town with friendly people, cowboy boots, and the Snowy Range Mountains surrounding the city. I like this town a lot. I have gone to the local climbing gym.. or I would call it a room in an apartment with a bouldering area. Tonight, I will be getting to eat steak at a local restaurant. I expect it will be amazing since I past so many cattle farms while driving here.

On Friday, I will be heading to Ouray, CO with a group of people to do some awesome ice climbing. I have never done it, but I am way psyched. It will be cold, but I hear there are some nice hot springs there too.

PS.  I am thinking about buying some cowboy boots while I am here.  Might as well while I am in cowboy country.


I was offered a job on Friday to work at a company called Alaska Crossings in Wrangell, AK and I accepted it.  I will be doing wilderness therapy on 49 day expeditions.  I will be doing backpacking, canoeing, and mountaineering, which will be awesome.  I am way psyched and feel this is going to be a great learning experience for me.  Staff training begins Feb. 1st so that means I will be in Richmond for most of Jan.  Check out the website for more info.

PS.  My birthday is tomorrow.  :-)
I came to Santa Fe in September for an internship and it has been an awesome experience.  I have been able to work with many unique populations, traveled throughout New Mexico, and met some awesome people.  I have loved the ocean blue skys, the mountains, the food, the unique cultures, and the laid back atmosphere of the Southwest.  I am sorry to say that even though I have loved Santa Fe and my job, I am going to be leaving Santa Fe in a little over a week.  There is not enough programming for me to stay and work at the mountain center after my internship.  My co-workers and my supervisors all want me to stay, and they have been trying to figure out a way for my to stay.  As of right now though, there it not a place for me.  I am overall very thankful for my experience in Santa Fe.  I feel that I have grown both personally an professtionally.

After Santa Fe, I am going to drive up to Larmie, WY to visit my friend Rachel.  Rachel and I worked together at Peak Experiences Climbing Center and she is now working up there at Solid Rock Outdoor Ministry.  After we spend a few days together, we will be going to Ouray, CO to try out some ice climbing.  I am interested to see how I do or if I even enjoy it.  I have never done it, so it should be an experience.  After that, I will be driving home and probably stopping in Denver after Ouray.  After I drive home, I will spend Christmas with my family and eat a bunch of Lebanese food.  After Christmas on December 28th, I will be flying to St. Louis, Missouri to attend a conference.

After all of that traveling, I will be around Richmond.  I will be working at Peak Experiences Climbing Center until I find another job elsewhere.  I will keep you posted on exactly where and what I will be doing.  I have been applying to different places and have been getting some call backs, which is an awesome blessing in this economy. 

Thanks for reading my blog....