Here is a small update:

Thanks to my good friend Nancy M. I have decided the day that I am leaving. She wants to hang with me as much as possible before I go. So, I am just letting everyone know that I am leaving on Wed. That leaves a couple more days to spend time with me and also for me to pack. I still need to do that whole packing thing....meh...

Have a great day!
I have been googling and mapquesting my way from Richmond to Santa Fe to figure out the best route and how long it will take.  The drive will take about three days long (1819.50 miles or 28 hours and 10 min).  I will be leaving either Tues or Wed of this week.  My brother Gregory is buying me and audio book or two so that I am entertained while I am driving this long drive across the country.  The map below showcases my little adventure.  I will keep you updated on how the journey goes and where I stop.  Speaking of the journey, I should really pack soon.  :-)

My sister suggested that I make a blog so that I could share my future adventures with my family and friends.  She thought of a clever title and helped me with the color scheme for the blog.  Thanks Linda!  I hope to write in the blog once a while so that I can share my experiences with people back in Richmond.

The biggest reason why she suggested I start the blog is because I received some exciting news.  Today I got the long awaited phone call from the Santa Fe Mountain Center that they wanted to offer me an internship at their nonprofit organization.  I was so excited that they offered it to me, but I told them that I would like the weekend to gather me thoughts before accepting the internship.  A few hours later I knew that I wanted to take the job.  I will be working in Adventure Therapy which is an industry that I have wanted to get my feet wet in for a while.  I think overall it will be a growing experience for me. 

Now comes the search for a place to live and figuring out the long drive Southwest....  More to come.