White Salmon



I thought I would list all of the amazing seafood I have had so far living here. The seafood here is to die for! The locals here have so much seafood that they will give it away easily. For example, a friend of mine received pounds of cooked shrimp from a local just because she had extras. The idea of giving is a simply a normal occurrence here in Wrangell.

Overall, life has been good since I have been here. I am building a nice, solid community here with both the locals and the other guides. I just finished my first week of training and it was great! I am learning a lot and will continue to be learning for a long time, which is awesome! I will be doing another week of lecture training and then a three day canoeing course. Finally, I will be doing a seven day ocean trip.

All right that is a quick update. Hope to hear from you guys soon too.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like you are having a great time!!! Not sure what you are going to be able to eat back here in VA, can't eat our Mexican anymore b/c of NM, and now you won't be able to eat our seafood, either!!:) Love you! Drew misses you, too!!

  2. Amy Says:


    So glad to hear that you are building community so quickly! I am even more excited that your community includes both locals and guides. Maybe between the two of us living in different locations throughout the country and sharing of our journeys with one another, we will each find a place that suits us well...a place in which to settle down...whatever that means!