Hey Again,

Just finished my two weeks of theoretical training with Alaska Crossings, which is awesome! I loved what we were learning, but sitting and listening fourty hours a week can be exhausting. This week coming up I will be doing a three day flat water canoeing course, which will be awesome. I am looking forward to working on my awesome paddling skills. I have been out canoeing a couple of times while in Wrangell to work on my strokes and so far it has been fun.  I bought one straight shaft paddle and Crossings gave each new guide an Ottertail paddle which I need to sand and varnish. After the flat water canoeing course, I will have Thursday off to prep for the seven day ocean trip. I am totally looking forward to the ocean trip. The trip will be pretty cold and wet, but it will be nice exploring different islands in and around Alaska. I will also be looking forward to putting to use those classroom teachings into the field.

Have a beautiful day!

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